Genesis 22:1-24

 |  April 9, 2018

Gen. 22:1-24

  1. Locate the passage

This passage is after the call of Abraham, the clarification that Ishmael would not be the child of promise, and the birth of Isaac. Hagar and Ishmael have departed. Abraham trusted in God’s promise of an offspring before any such offspring was given. Now, the “test” is to continue to trust God despite what he doesn’t see.

  1. Genre

The Passage is a Narrative. The dialogue (and absence of dialogue, at times) is integral to the story. The significance of its historical accuracy is highlighted in 22:20-24.

  1. Determine the structure of the passage

22:1-2 – God’s testing of Abraham

22:3-9 – The journey to Moriah

22:10-14 – The Substitute: The Lord will Provide

22:15-18 – Abraham Passed the Test: By Myself I have sworn

22:19 – The Return

22:20-24 – The Promise Unfolding

  1. Exegete the passage

No conversation is recorded between Abraham and Sarah; no conversation recorded between Abraham and Isaac after they left the servants (vs. 8b – “they went together”); no conversation is recorded on their return journey

God tested Abraham – you and I know it is a test; Abraham didn’t

Your son; your only son; the one you love (2, 12, 16)

Sacrifice your son “as a burnt offering”

Go to the land where I will show you

Vs. 8 – God will provide – confidence in God’s promise

“The Angel of the Lord” (Gen. 22:11, 15)

Vs. 12 – Now, I know – God is not “discovering” this truth

Vs. 12 – you “fear the Lord”

Ill. Use of the word – “to see” (Hb. “ra’ah”)

Vs. 20 – They told that to Abraham

Vs. 21- Milcah has also born children …


  1. Let the structure of the text drive the sermon

The TEST – God reserves the right to test the faith you and I profess

Abraham’s RESPONSE – His faith was demonstrated by what he did and what he said

      — Your Response to God’s test is your most effective witness of the faith you profess

Ill. Rom. 4:20 – Abraham did not waver in unbelief …


Vs. 14 – “Yahweh yireh” – the Lord will provide

Vs. 15 – the Lord spoke to Abraham a third time … I swear by Myself


Exp. People may be caused to wonder about the audacity of God’s request

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