1 Peter 2:1-10

 |  April 17, 2018

1 Peter 2:1-10

Observations on 2:1-3: In verse 1, note the phrase “having put aside” (apothemenoi)-Aor. Mid. Ptc. and connect it back to the command to love in 1:22. Moving forward, subordinate it to the command to “long for/crave” in verse 2. Then, pay attention to the five community-disrupting vices that are mentioned in verse 1.

In verse 2, give emphasis to the command “long for/crave” (epipothesate)-Aor. Act. Imper.-“milk” (gala)-here, not milk as elementary Christian teaching as opposed to meat, but something eagerly desired for nourishment.

In verse 3, consider the connection of this verse to Psa. 34:8. Also note the use of “good/kindness” (chrestos).

Preaching 2:4-10: “Good News for God’s People”

Main Idea: Because of the mercy of God through Jesus Christ, believers have a new identity and a new occupation.

  1. Acknowledge the dynamic fellowship. (4-5)
    1. habitual coming to Him: “coming” (proserchomenoi)-Pres. Mid. Ptc.-“living stone” (lithon zonta).
    2. Note “living hope” (1:3), “living word” (1:23) and “living stone” (2:4).
    3. supernatural: people with a personal connection to Christ (spiritual house, holy priesthood)
  2. Affirm the divine foundation. (6-8)
    1. described with three OT texts: Isa. 28:16 (v. 6), Psa. 118:22 (v.7), Isa. 8:14 (v.8)
  3. Embrace the designed function.    (9-10)
    1. contrast: “But you…”
    2. identity: chosen race, royal priesthood, holy nation, people for His possession
    3. activity/occupation: “that you might proclaim (exangeilete)-Aor. Act. Subj.-excellencies”
    4. key to new identity and occupation: “having received mercy” (eleemenoi-Aor. Pas. Ptc.)

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