The Letters

Epistles/Letters are didactic New Testament letters that work out a theological idea or application.

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Preaching Pointers from 2 Timothy

Pastors, how will you conclude your ministry? Will you finish strong? Will your church be stronger once you retire? Will you leave a legacy worth following or will your successor have obstacles to overcome? I know these questions seem problematic for me, a you... Read More »

Preaching Pointers from 1 Timothy

Leadership. For as long as I can remember, the word ‘leadership’ has been a buzzword. Answers to the questions how, what, when, why and where of leadership are valuable and necessary for those called to lead. The importance of successful (i.e., biblical) l... Read More »

Preaching Pointers from Colossians

The Book of Colossians, Preaching Overview In the biblical corpus, the book of Colossians is a treasure trove of Christology. In this tiny epistle, the apostle Paul makes much of all things Jesus. Along with other key New Testament Christological pericopes suc... Read More »

Preaching Pointers from Philippians

Capturing the Spirit of Philippians is central to its good preaching. What could I say about Philippians that has not already been said? There are certainly others who have delved into book with greater detail and articulated its virtues with greater eloquence... Read More »

Preaching Pointers from Ephesians

If one was to pull John Calvin’s commentary on Ephesians off the shelf, one would find forty-eight expositional sermons in a seven hundred page commentary! Well, we are not John Calvin, right? Most of us lack the depth of such scholarly insight. Furtherm... Read More »

Colossians Sermon Starter

Dr. Andrew Hebert, pastor of Paramount Baptist Church, continues the Sermon Starter series with the book of Colossians. Read More »

Preaching Pointers from 2 Corinthians

Conflict is inevitable. This is true for every man and woman who strives to follow Jesus in a broken world. The fight for righteousness and purity either in the church or the home draws the attention of opposition quickly. The enemies of the Lord quite often f... Read More »

Colossians 3:18-4:1

Locate the Passage 3:18-4:1 is a clearly definable unit, marked by the pairing of instructions to wives/husbands, children/fathers, and slaves/masters. This section continues in the vein of the exhortations begun at the beginning of chapter 3 to seek what is a... Read More »

Colossians 4:7-18

Locate the Passage 4:7-18 form the closing words of Paul’s letter to the Colossians. It includes commendations, greetings, final instructions, and a benediction. Identify the Genre The macro level is epistolary. The micro level contains the conclusion to the... Read More »

Colossians 4:2-6

Locate the Passage Serving as the final paragraph in the hortatory section of the book, 4:2-6 is one unit, marked off from the previous and subsequent paragraphs by the type of material contained in it. The previous section is clearly bound together by the pai... Read More »

Colossians 3:15-17

Locate the Passage 3:15-17 constitutes the final paragraph of specific exhortations flowing from the generic exhortation of 3:1-4. 3:18ff contain specific exhortations as well, but of a different sort than those in 3:5-17. 3:18ff will commence instructions on ... Read More »

Colossians 3:12-14

Locate the Passage Like the previous paragraph, 3:12-14 is a paragraph of specific exhortation flowing out of the general exhortation in 3:1-4 to seek what is above. The oun (“therefore”) in 3:12 serves to distinguish this paragraph from the previous one. ... Read More »