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The Use of Illustrations in Text-Driven Preaching

One of the first things that people who teach Sunday school or are in ministry   ask me when they find out I am a preaching professor is “Where can I find good illustrations?” This is the question of origination. But before giving good places to ... Read More »

Mellowed Memories of South China: Part 2

When the Chinese do come to know personally and intimately the Holy Spirit of the one true living God, they have a matchless zest for service. To witness to loved ones, friends and others, is the natural passion. Many, like the President of China, Chiang Kai S... Read More »

Mellowed Memories of South China: Part 1

It was just a year ago (February) that I was in China. I began my six months’ missionary journey in South China. And while I was there some one suggested that I wait a full year to write very much about my experiences and observations. Another advised th... Read More »

An Interlude

While recalling my months in China, my memories of the several missions and their representative sta­tions, out-stations, schools, hospitals and other mediums for contacting the people for Christ, are often broken by an interlude of following one type of work... Read More »

Article on Inabelle G. Coleman

An Evangel of God’s Love Miss lnabelle G. Coleman Visits Wuchow Missionary Robert E. Beddoe. M.D., Wuchow Chiua It had not been my lot to know Miss Coleman in person, though I had corresponded with her in her capacity of editorial secretary of the Foreig... Read More »

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