Preaching from Luke

Over twenty years ago, the Southern Baptist Convention calendar made room for an annual Bible study week in early January. The Sunday School Board promoted the study and published a text book on a book of the Bible. The emphasis met with immediate success. Thi... Read More »

The Gospel of Luke

An interpretation of the Gospel of Luke demands as a primary consideration the unity of the Gospel with the Acts of the Apostles. The Gospel should be considered as Book I and the Acts as Book II of the same work. The Prologue to the Gospel contemplates a seco... Read More »

The Ethical Teaching of Amos, Its Content and Relevance

Scholars have emphasized the importance of Amos among the great prophets of the Old Testament by means of various expressions. He has been referred to as the “first of the classical prophets,”[1]Philip Hyatt, “The Book of Amos,” Interpr... Read More »

The Theological Implications of the Prophecy of Amos

When one begins to talk about the theology of Amos, he must recognize immediately that this is something that he must ferret out for himself. Amos nowhere set out a systematic presentation of his personal theology. This does not mean that Amos did not have a t... Read More »

Preaching from Amos

Since the message of the Bible is timeless, yet always timely, biblical preaching may be relevant preaching. It is the task of the preacher in every generation to relate the message of the Bible to his time. This is not an easy task. It requires both an unders... Read More »

Proclamation: The Theological Imperative

Christianity is a preaching religion. Proclamation is inherent in it. The God of the Christian faith, its gospel, the redeemed life, and Christian compassion demand proclamation. P. T. Forsythe, emphasizing the sacramental nature of preaching has said, “... Read More »

An Exegetical Outline of the Gospel of John

The purpose of John in writing his Gospel is clearly stated in [20]:30-31. To accomplish his purpose the apostle selects some of those things in the life and work of Christ that exhibit most clearly his true character and mission. In line with this, the genera... Read More »

Word Studies in the Gospel of John

The Gospel of John is written in very simple Koine Greek, yet it expresses some of the profoundest truths found in the New Testament. However this article does not permit an exhaustive study of its language. It is hoped that even a brief glimpse of some words ... Read More »

Preaching on Moral Issues

That America is in the midst of a moral crisis none can deny. Earl Guinn says, “We are spiritually sick, and the cure lies not in the plans of the technologists, nor in the schemes of the militarists, nor in any brilliant manipulations of the economists ... Read More »

Preaching Values in Deuteronomy

Introduction To many, Deuteronomy is a closed book. Assuming that it is directed to the Israelites, and that its regulations and embodiment of faith are for the Jewish people only, countless Christians have too long missed its vital message. Perhaps even more ... Read More »