Preaching as the Centrality of Christian Worship

I must confess. When I think about the word “worship,” the first thing on my mind is singing.  To be honest, I do not know why it does, I guess it is just a product of my upbringing; there was worship, and then there was preaching. I mean, it said so in t... Read More »

The Worship of Preaching: Hearing God’s Voice in the Sermon

I would be surprised to find out if anyone reading this blog does not agree that the Word of God is paramount in our ministries. To state it positively, I feel safe assuming that everyone to whom I am communicating right now believes the Bible is important to ... Read More »

Preaching and Worship

As a Worship Pastor and occasional preacher, the topic “Preaching and Worship” itself is a point of contention for me.  I am not someone who gets caught up in titles, but my title is a bit misleading because the pastor of a church is always the leader in ... Read More »