Text Structure

Finding the Pericopes of Ephesians

Ephesians seems to be written as a “circular letter” to the churches in the city of Ephesus.[1]Clinton E. Arnold, Ephesians,  ZECNT (Zondervan, 2010), 25–28; Peter Thomas O’Brien, The Letter to the Ephesians. PNTC (Eerdmans, 1999), 83. A... Read More »

Finding the Pericopes in Jonah, Pt. 2

Regarding the identification of the boundaries of pericopes of narratives Collins suggests readers to notice “places where the location changes, or where a new set of participants is introduced, or where there is some grammatical expression of discontinuity,... Read More »

Finding the Pericopes in Jonah, Pt. 1

When my kids were little, they loved playing hide and seek. The game would always involve me going and hiding and then they would come and seek. The key to the game being really fun for them was the finding. The seeking couldn’t last too long, be too involve... Read More »

Themes of James

The topic of “Themes of James” is related to the issue of the letter’s structure, which has been a matter of persistent scholarly discussion and debate. Does James have an intentional structure and, if so, what is it and what does this structure reveal a... Read More »