SWBTS Chapel – Harold Hoehner (1982)

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SWBTS Chapel – J. W. MacGorman (1981)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. J. W. MacGorman. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – John Bisagno (1978)

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SWBTS Chapel – Jimmie Nelson (1977)

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SWBTS Chapel – J. W. MacGorman (1977)

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Responsible Living in Community Setting (Romans 12-16)

Dynamic tension results when learning is translated into living. That which Paul has taught in chapters one through eleven and which his readers are now learning must be lived in daily, ongoing experience. Both the learning and the living are based on faith: f... Read More »

The Jews, the Future, and God (Romans 9-11)

In an address delivered to the Confessing Church at the height of Nazi terror (16 March 1942), K. L. Schmidt appealed to Romans 9-11 as the key to faith for such perilous times. Paul’s hope for Israel in these chapters was proclaimed a light in forebodin... Read More »

Romans 7 Once More

If you were writing a commentary on Romans, what passage would you expect to give you the most trouble? Would it be Romans 5:12-21? This is the passage where the Vulgate’s mistranslation of the last clause in verse 12 has had such dire consequences. Jero... Read More »

Righteousness in Romans

The Importance of the Doctrine Paul employs many terms to set forth the work of Christ. One of the most important of these, which appears particularly m Romans, is the word group for righteousness. The word for righteous (dikaios) occurs seven times, the word ... Read More »

Preaching from Romans

The book of Romans is a preacher’s gold mine. As the greatest theological treatise in the Bible, it is the mother lode of doctrinal topics. As a continuing rich vein, it opens up all major Christian experiences. As an exhaustless treasure it affords prof... Read More »