SWBTS Chapel – Gerardo Alfaro (2005)

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SWBTS Chapel – Calvin Miller (1998)

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SWBTS Chapel – Robert Jeffress (1996)

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SWBTS Chapel – Jack Graham (1995)

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SWBTS Chapel – Paul Gritz (1993)

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SWBTS Chapel – Jimmie Nelson (1987)

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SWBTS Chapel – C. W. Brister (1981)

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Preaching on Philippians

To set the stage for preaching on Philippians, let me tell you about a man. He is like many people in our churches, so he can help us to identify some needs and objectives for preaching. This man is well educated. He is an achiever. He started his career as an... Read More »

Exposition of Philippians

Introduction (1:1-11). Ancient letters written in Greek consisted of an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion. Furthermore, the introduction always contained an indication of the writer and recipient(s) and a word of greeting, and it often contained an... Read More »

Introduction To Philippians

Philippi was located on a small plain in eastern Macedonia about ten miles inland from the Aegean Sea. To the west was Mt. Pangaeus and to the east Mt. Orbelos. The acropolis at the foot of which the city was built was in fact a spur of Orbelos. Also just to t... Read More »