Pastoral Ministry

The Preacher and the Importance of Godly Character

1 Peter 1:1-2; 13-16 Peter begins his epistle by calling believers “Temporary residents”. That term literally means “beside the people.” It reveals the necessary separation and the dynamic saturation of believers in the world. We are always resident al... Read More »

Shepherding Sheep through the Sermon

What makes a sermon pastoral? Ι’ve been reading quite a bit lately about preaching and pastoral ministry. Though, I confess to be a little confused on the question. It seems to presume a distinction that I’m not sure has a clear difference. Insistence upo... Read More »

Preaching as Shepherding the Flock

What a joy it is as a pastor of 40 years; 30 years at First Baptist Church Woodstock to talk about preaching as shepherding the flock. One thing I have realized as a pastor is that I have the opportunity to connect with our people through the proclamation of G... Read More »