Old Testament

Preaching Christ: Is There Another Option?

If a preacher believes that all of Scripture points to Christ and that Christ is the sole focus of saving faith, he has no other option when he opens God’s word. He must preach Christ. If one should inquire whether this profound necessity extends to passages... Read More »

Preaching the Old Testament, Pt. 2: Why You Shouldn’t Avoid It

In light of the previous post in this series, I know that there are obstacles to preaching the Old Testament, but we need to be careful here. Failure to preach the Old Testament can adversely impact its perceived relevance. Avoiding the Old Testament in our pr... Read More »

Preaching the Old Testament, Pt. 1: Why So Many Preachers Avoid It

I thought I was reading an article about preaching. But what actually came up on my recent internet search turned out to be a piece on why computer users don’t use a particular operating system. The writer claimed, “People come up with all of these reasons... Read More »

Nehemiah Introduction

Rise up and Build The title is taken from Neh. 2:18. It is the response of the people to Nehemiah’s challenge to them in 2:17.  Nehemiah exhorted the people, “let’s rise up and build. And the people responded, “Let us rise up and build.”  The overa... Read More »

Nehemiah 13:1–28

Context of the Passage: As the people continued to read God’s Word, they found additional areas where they had failed in their relationship with Him.  Chapter 13 records that after 12 years in Jerusalem, Nehemiah returned to his post in the Persian court. H... Read More »

Nehemiah 11:1–12:47

A Ministry of Gratitude Context of the Passage: These chapters describes Nehemiah’s efforts to restore Jerusalem as the Holy City for the Jewish people.  They list those who repopulated the city, describe the celebration of the dedication of the wall, and t... Read More »

Nehemiah 10:1–39

Vows to keep Context of the Passage: The people made their commitment public.  They signed their names to it. By signing the agreement, they accepted the standards stipulated and assumed the risks of disobedience.  The leadership was key in stepping up, but ... Read More »

Nehemiah 9:1–38

Corporate Repentance Context of the Passage Nehemiah 9 records the events after the completion of the Solemn Assembly which was held after the seven day celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles.  The Feast of Tabernacles took place in the seventh month from th... Read More »

Nehemiah 8:1–18

Context of the Passage: The gathering of the people in Nehemiah 8 is different from, subsequent to, and dependent upon the gathering pictured in 7:5.  Once the people were brought back (in fulfillment of God’s promise) to Jerusalem, they could be brought to... Read More »

Nehemiah 7:1–73

Preparing to Meet God Context of the Passage: Spiritual awakening doesn’t happen by accident.  Great movements of God are generally preceded by careful preparation. Outline of the Passage 7:1-5 – Organizing for the Assembly 7:6-60 – The people who came ... Read More »