Preaching Through the Sermon on the Mount

A preacher’s dream text, the Sermon on the Mount, practically preaches itself. This sublime sermon bursts with object lessons,[1]Standing on the hills just northeast of the Sea of Galilee-the traditional location of the Sermon on the Mount-it is easy to ... Read More »

The Most Often Abused Verses in the Sermon on the Mount and How to Treat Them Right

At least once a year, students who have been reading for another class Dallas Willard’s influential spiritual formation primer, The Divine Conspiracy, come to me asking if I agree with his perspective on the beatitudes. If they have already had me for ou... Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Daniel Sanchez (2004)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Daniel Sanchez. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Craig Blaising (2003)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Craig Blaising. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Robert Jeffress (2001)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Robert Jeffress. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Roy Fish (1995)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Roy Fish. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Thomas Elliff (1995)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Thomas Elliff. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Frank Pollard (1993)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Frank Pollard. Read More »

The Sermon on the Mount from an Exegetical Perspective

Introduction Great multitudes began following Jesus when they saw his miracles and heard his magnificent parables (Matt. 4:23-25). While many were genuinely committed believers, others were probably curiosity seekers. Jesus wanted to make it perfectly clear th... Read More »

Understanding the Hard Sayings of Jesus

Introduction Although Christians have never fully agreed on the meaning and application of Jesus’ sayings in the Sermon on the Mount, few have applied them as drastically as Origen applied Jesus’ saying in Matt. 19:12. The church historian Eusebius... Read More »