SWBTS Chapel – Henry Blackaby (1995)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Henry Blackaby. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – James Leo Garrett (1990)

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SWBTS Chapel – Bruce Metzger (1989)

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SWBTS Chapel – Ralph Smith (1989)

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SWBTS Chapel – Roy Fish (1988)

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Background and Christology of John’s Gospel: Selected Motifs

I. The Background The value of the Fourth Gospel rests ultimately in its recognition by Christians from the earliest time as a prophetic revelation, an inspired account of Jesus’ acts and teachings. But it may be clarified and further defined by some att... Read More »

An Introduction to the Gospel of John

It is with great pleasure that this article and this issue are dedicated to the memory of Huber L. Drumwright, Jr. The Gospel of John was his area of concentration. It is appropriate that we express our gratitude for his enormous contribution among us in this ... Read More »

Exegesis of Crucial Texts in John

It was my privilege as a graduate student at Southwestern to study John initially under the leadership of Dr. Huber Drumwright. He aroused in me an interest in and a desire for further study of this book. I will always be indebted to him for his fine example a... Read More »

Evangelism in the Gospel of John

Having become a Christian while a student at a state university, I had few adequate models in the early months of my Christian life. I came to Southwestern desperately in need of seeing what a follower of Jesus should really be like. In my first year I had thr... Read More »

Preaching Values in the Gospel of John

I join my colleagues in this issue of the Southwestern Journal of Theology dedicated to the memory of Huber L. Drumwright, Jr., in an expression of gratitude for his life and ministry. He was my friend and mentor. He had a special way of revealing his love by ... Read More »