SWBTS Chapel – Russell Moore (2007)

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SWBTS Chapel – Paige Patterson (2006)

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Ethical Dimensions of James

Introduction[1]This is an adaptation and an expansion of a section (pp. 257-67) of my Biblical Ethics (Waco: Word Books, 1967; currently published by Mercer University Press) and ts used by permission of the publishers. The Epistle of James was evidently writt... Read More »

Introduction to James

Introduction During much of Christian history, James has been one of the most neglected books in the NT. It did not become widely known until the third century, and then its authorship and canonicity were disputed for two centuries. During the Reformation, Era... Read More »

Preaching from the Book of James

Introduction As the church lives now in the twenty-first century world, the preacher of the Gospel could find no more pertinent message for his people than the Epistle of James. The Epistle of James is one of the first pieces of New Testament literature given ... Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – J. W. MacGorman (1994)

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SWBTS Chapel – Harold Freeman (1989)

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An Exposition of James 5

This final chapter in James is rich in the practical guidance which has characterized the entire book. It begins with a condemnation of the sins of oppressive rich people. Patience until the second coming of Christ is the next emphasis, followed by a prohibiti... Read More »

An Exposition of James 4

A Protest against Prevalent Evils James 3:13-5:6 In keeping with the working theme of the Epistle of James, a manual of Christian conduct, chapter four falls in the middle of James’s discussion of prevalent evils. His protest against prevalent evils cent... Read More »

An Exposition of James 3

Two themes common to the Jewish Wisdom Literature are presented in James 3:1-18, namely, the abuses of the tongue in verses 1-12 and the practical expression of wisdom in verses 13-17. The former theme was reflected in several passages of the Book of Proverbs.... Read More »