Genesis 26

Genesis 26:34-28:9

Gen. 26:34-28:9 Locate the passage While Jacob will be the child through whom the Covenant will extend, this pericope is more about Esau than Jacob. His marriage in defiance of his family, his lost blessing, his intention to kill his brother, and more marriage... Read More »

Genesis 26:1-11

Gen. 26:1-11 Locate the passage Genesis 26 seems to be an interruption of the flow of thought between Genesis 25 and 27. In this chapter, the focus is on Isaac and not on Jacob. Like Genesis 34 (which also interrupts the Jacob Cycle) and 38 (which interrupts t... Read More »

Genesis 26:12-33

Gen. 26:12-33 Locate the passage Isaac settled in Gerar and the Lord blessed him. Like his father before him, the people of the land became threatened by his blessing. The passage records three responses of the people of Gerar. The king asked him to leave thei... Read More »