SWBTS Chapel – Craig Blaising (2005)

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SWBTS Chapel – J. W. MacGorman (2005)

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SWBTS Chapel – Craig Blaising (2004)

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SWBTS Chapel – O. S. Hawkins (2002)

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SWBTS Chapel – Robert Jeffress (2002)

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A Teaching Outline of Ephesians

Address and Greeting (1:1-2) Paul’s Apostleship (v. 1a) Description of the Readers (v. 1b)       Saints At Ephesus Faithful Grace and Peace (v. 2) PART ONE: GOD’S PEOPLE IN THE MYSTERY OF HIS WILL ( 1:3-3:21) I. Overture of Praise to God for S... Read More »

Proclaiming Ephesians: God’s Order in a Needy World

Introduction The Book of Ephesians is one of the most powerful writings to come from the early church. The book’s lyrical cadences have captivated readers with the wonder and glory of the cosmic Christ, and the grandeur and majesty of the church in the p... Read More »

Interpreting Ephesians 4-6: God’s People in a Walk Worthy of His Calling

Introduction Anyone accustomed to reading Paul knows that his letters can often be divided into two parts, one more theological, the other more practical. Ephesians is a classic example. The letter obviously is of two parts, of almost equal length.[1]The secon... Read More »

Interpreting Ephesians 1-3: “God’s People in the Mystery of His Will”

Introduction “Majesty.” No other word in the English language quite captures the tone and the imagination of Ephesians like this word. Although we are not privy to the occasion of this epistle, we nevertheless recognize that Paul desired to fire th... Read More »

Reading Ephesians: The Glory of Christ in the Church

Introduction Reading the book of Ephesians takes one through a series of clearly defined sections. On one hand, the book divides in half: the presentation of God’s blessings and privileges believers enjoy (Ephesians 1-3) followed by a resulting catalog o... Read More »