Paul’s Preaching of the Gospel

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Paul’s Preaching of the Gospel by Dr. Matt Queen. Read More »

Preaching Pointers from Acts

The book of Acts is the Spirit-inspired narrative of the church in formation. If your church is in need of being motivated to carry the gospel to the world, then Acts may very well be the book through which to lead your church in order to experience a divine c... Read More »

Normal Christians

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Normal Christians by Southwestern professor, Dr. Tommy Kiker. Read More »


SWBTS Chapel sermon called Together by Dr. Tommy Green. Read More »

Preaching Christ from Acts

The entirety of Scripture points us to Jesus and God’s saving activity through Him. Like every book in the Bible, Jesus shines brightly in the book Acts. As Luke recounts the birth and rapid expanse of the Church, he keeps Jesus as the focal point and brings... Read More »

The Church of God

SWBTS Chapel sermon called The Church of God by Dr. Afshin Ziafat. Read More »

When God’s People Pray

SWBTS Chapel sermon called When God’s People Pray by Dr. Steve Gaines. Read More »

I’ve Been Looking For a Church

SWBTS Chapel sermon called I’ve Been Looking For a Church by pastor Jamar Andrews. Read More »

The Power of a Praying Church

SWBTS Chapel sermon called The Power of a Praying Church by Dr. Michael Catt. Read More »

Church Planting Template

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Church Planting Template by Dr. Jim Richards. Read More »