Sermons from Chapel Services at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The following sermons represent historic chapel messages preached at Southwestern Seminary. These sermons are included to demonstrate scholarship across a wide swath of homiletical positions.

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2010's Sermons

Living a Life of Obedience

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Living a Life of Obedience by Dr. Mark Howell. Read More »

Forgive Your Debtors

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Forgive Your Debtors by Dr. Steve Gaines. Read More »

Run the Race

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Run the Race by Dr. Tom Elliff. Read More »

Paul’s Preaching of the Gospel

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Paul’s Preaching of the Gospel by Dr. Matt Queen. Read More »

In the Lion’s Den

SWBTS Chapel sermon called In the Lion’s Den by Dr. Tony Mathews. Read More »

The Baptism of Jesus

SWBTS Chapel sermon called The Baptism of Jesus by Dr. H.B. Charles. Read More »

For When I am Weak, Then I am Strong

SWBTS Chapel sermon called For When I am Weak, Then I am Strong by Dr. Alistair Begg. Read More »

A God for Changing Times

SWBTS Chapel sermon called A God for Changing Times by Dr. Millard Erickson. Read More »

Who in the World is Shamgar?

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Who in the World is Shamgar? by Dr. Denny Autrey. Read More »

The Fear of the Lord

SWBTS Chapel sermon called The Fear of the Lord by Dr. Chris Osborne. Read More »

Are the Dead Raised

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Are the Dead Raised by Dr. Nathan Holsteen. Read More »

Endurance in Battle

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Endurance in Battle by Jack Raymond. Read More »

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