Genesis 25:19-26

 |  April 9, 2018

Gen. 25:19-26

  1. Locate the passage

Immediately following the toledoth of Ishmael, the text turns to Isaac. The detail of the narrator resumes as he continues his perusal of the recipients of the Covenant.

  1. Genre

This passage is narrative. The conversations in the passage include Rebekah’s concern over the difficulty of her pregnancy and the Lord’s response.

  1. Determine the structure of the passage

25:19-21 – Isaac prays for his family and the Lord answers

25:22-28 – Twins are born to Isaac and Rebekah

  1. Exegete the passage

Exp. NOTE in the text, that both Isaac & Rebekah sought the Lord. Isaac prayed for God’s blessing; Rebekah prayed for understanding.

25:21 – Isaac “pleaded” with the Lord

25:22 – the children “struggled” – English is a little soft

25:22 – If all is well

25:22 Why THIS?

25:23 – The Lord answered Rebekah. He informed her that her children would continue a prominent theme in the Old Testament of the younger son having precedence over the older. The Lord also revealed that her two sons would grow to be two nations.

25:25 – They called his name, “Esau.”

25:26 – His name was called, “Jacob.”

  1. Let the structure of the text drive the sermon

Exp. The value of praying parents. Both Isaac and Rebekah pray in this passage. Isaac prays in their need for God’s provision. Rebekah prays in her pain and takes her question to the Lord. The Lord answers both of their prayers.

Exp. I don’t have a right to ask God to work out His will in my life and then tell Him how to do it.
Exp. Faith means even if I don’t understand all that God is doing, I trust Him.

Application: Two steps of faith are ultimately involved

  1. One is the faith to seek Him
  2. The other is the faith to trust Him

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