Genesis 2:18-25

 |  February 15, 2018

Genesis 2:18-25

  1. Locate the passage

The passage is part of Day 6 of creation. It is part of the narrowing focus on this day that began in 2:4. This was a busy day.

  1. Genre

The passage is narrative. The divine conversation in 2:18 appears directed to the Godhead and not to the man.

  1. Determine the structure of the passage

2:18-20 – Alone and Not Good

2:21-25 – One, but no longer alone

  1. Exegete the passage

Divine initiative begins the pericope

2:18 – “Not good” – the Hebrew construction emphasizes this phrase – placing this phrase at the beginning of the sentence

2:18 – “Alone” – This is the only thing “not good” in creation

2:18 – “I will make” – Hb. “asa” – carries the idea of “fashion”

2:18 – “comparable” – lit. “like what is in front of him”

2:19 – out of the ground (Hb. “adamah”). That from which Adam was formed (Hb. “yatsar”) and named.

2:19 – God formed (Hb. “yatsar”) – the word carries the idea of fashion or form; like a potter

2:19 – Adam was given the responsibility of naming all of the animals

2:20 – “Adam gave names”

2:20 – No comparable helper was found

2:21 – The Lord caused a deep sleep

2:21 – God took a rib (Hb. “sela”)

2:22 – God “built” a woman (Hb. “bana”)

2:22 – He brought her to him

2:23 – She (unlike the rest of creation) is bone of MY bone

2:23 – “woman;” (Hb. “Isha”) “man” (Hb. “Ish”)

2:24 – “therefore” – for this reason – to become one flesh together, procreate, and  fulfill God’s mandate in 1:28

2:24 – “Leave and cleave” – the priority (leave the former family relationship) and exclusivity (cleave; cling to; adhere) of this union

2:24 – “his wife” (lit. “his woman”) – the creation of the marriage union; he is to only have this level of intimacy with HIS wife

2:24 – “one flesh” – the sexual union of the man and woman constitutes the unity God establishes in marriage; a union to be shared exclusively

2:25 – Naked, but not ashamed

  1. Let the structure of the text drive the sermon

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