Conference Schedule

Monday, October 8

8:00am Registration Begins
8:30am Plenary Session 1 – David Allen
Welcome, Basic Intro and Overview
Commentaries and Resources on Job
9:50am Plenary Session 2 – Denny Autrey
The Perspective of the Narrator (Job 1-2)
10:50am Mid-Morning Break
11:10am Plenary Session 3 – Deron Biles
Argument of Friends
12:10pm Lunch
1:15pm Plenary Session 4 – Matthew McKellar
Argument of Job
2:20pm Afternoon Break
2:40pm Plenary Session 5 – Barry McCarty and Eric Mitchell
Argument of Elihu (Job 32-37)
Powerpoint slides
3:45pm Plenary Session 6 – Kyle Walker
Conversation with God (Job 38-42)
4:45pm Closing