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Preaching the Doctrine of Christ: His Person

There is no greater subject to preach than the person of Jesus Christ.  As pastors, ultimately all of our sermons should point to him and help our congregations know and understand his person and his work better. When considering how to preach this important ... Read More »

Preaching the Doctrine of Christ: His Teachings

Imagine if Jesus had been silent. Think of the loss for humanity if His words never entered into the plane of history. Picture the people around you whose lives have yet to be impacted with the wisdom of Christ’s teachings. Let me offer three guidelines for ... Read More »

Preaching the Doctrine of Christ: His Work

Jesus presided over a complex ministry that included teaching on multiple subjects, healing, and raising the dead. But when He defined his mission, He said, “The son of man is come to seek and to save that which is lost.” The statement assumes two huma... Read More »

Preaching the Doctrine of Humanity: Human Nature and Sinfulness

When today’s teenagers encounter the passionate teenage love of Romeo and Juliet, they find the plot unconvincing. What was the big deal? Why didn’t they just sleep together and go back to their waring families? Why get married? It is then, that the teache... Read More »

Preaching the Doctrine of God the Father

Oftentimes, when people think of God the Father, they picture a cold, distant, and removed figure. We feel like we can relate to Jesus but not so much the Father. In preaching, we must remember that we preach one God who has revealed himself to us in three per... Read More »

The One Homiletics Book Every Preacher Should Own: Part 5

Deep Preaching by J Kent Edwards. To answer the query of what was the one book that I would have in my library on homiletics, if I could only keep one book, is virtually impossible. There are so many great books out there on preaching by Greidanus, Chapell, Al... Read More »

The One Homiletics Book Every Preacher Should Own: Part 4

Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson Trying to identify one book on preaching every preacher should own is a nearly impossible task – it is a bit like asking you to decide which sunset is most beautiful or which gospel is more valuable. Nevertheless, if I a... Read More »

The One Homiletics Book Every Preacher Should Own: Part 3

Christ-Centered Preaching by Bryan Chapell I started preaching at age 16 (now more than forty years ago), and I have been in full-time ministry for more than 35 years. I have read many books on preaching over those years, but none has influenced me like Bryan ... Read More »

The One Homiletics Book Every Preacher Should Own: Part 2

Power in the Pulpit by Jerry Vines and Jim Shaddix In the latter part of the 20th century, no Southern Baptist pastor was more decidedly expositional in his preaching than Jerry Vines.  I was a young teenager surrendered to God’s call on my life the first t... Read More »

The One Homiletic Book Every Preacher Should Own: Part 1

Preaching and Biblical Theology by Edmund Clowney Edmund Clowney died in March of 2005 at eighty-seven years of age. He was ordained to the preaching ministry in 1942; and, from 1952 to 1984, he served as professor of practical theology at Westminster Theologi... Read More »

Preaching Christ from the Law

In his insightful book, The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text, Sidney Greidanus contends that Christian preachers will never fully comprehend the message of the Old Testament without reading it in light of the New Testament. While he admits that not every p... Read More »

Christ-Centered Preaching – Revisited

Aspects of God’s redemptive character revealed in his representative actions, may be specifically stated in a text or may be implied by the place of the passage in the larger flow of redemptive history. Yet whether a preacher gleans these conclusions from th... Read More »

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