Grant Lovejoy

Preaching for Growth

Preaching for Growth. By Ronald J. Allen. St. Louis: CBP Press, 1981. 80 pages. Paper, $5.95.   Despite what its title might imply, Allen’s book does not describe some special type of preaching that will produce church growth. Instead he argues that ch... Read More »

Illustrations for Biblical Preaching

Illustrations for Biblical Preaching. Edited by Michael P. Green. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1989. 448 pages.   In preaching class a student asked Dr. Jesse Northcutt about the value of books of sermon illustrations. Dr. Northcutt paused for a momen... Read More »

Imagination of the Heart: New Understandings in Preaching

Imagination of the Heart: New Understandings in Preaching. By Paul Scott Wilson. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1988. 265 pages.   Wilson, associate professor of homiletics at Emmanuel College in the Toronto School of Theology, describes how imagination works an... Read More »

The Senses of Preaching

The Senses of Preaching. By Thomas G. Long. Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1988. 99 pages.   These four essays are “a wide-ranging, collegial exploration of some critical issues in the art of preaching.” Their conversational style indicates their orig... Read More »