Daniel Dickard

Breakout Session: Daniel Dickard

Daniel Dickard’s breakout session at the 2018 Text-Driven Preaching Conference. Read More »

Paradoxical Preaching in the Age of Cohabitation

Have you ever considered the way in which Jesus confronted the erroneous thoughts, attitudes, and actions of his day? The master communicator used variety. He loaded his communication arsenal with a plethora of rhetorical weapons to combat the evils of his age... Read More »

Is Christ-Centered Preaching Evangelistic?

“Is Christ-centered preaching evangelistic?” I must admit that I was a bit confused when a fellow student posed the question in a PhD seminar. The question seemed out of place and presumed a false dichotomy exists between Christ-centered preaching and evan... Read More »

God’s Blank Check

SWBTS Chapel sermon called God’s Blank Check by Daniel Dickard. Read More »